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Chen Jian rivers Law Blog

If the "west window rain" is about the western law thought sketch,louboutin pas cher, with a streamlined case,christian louboutin shoes, to seemingly make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks way,Christian Louboutin Outlet, interspersed with western jurisprudence,Christian Louboutin USA, tell the reader about western law "what to say", then the "western legal thought introduction" is a story of more complex series, the authors shuttling back and forth in western legal thought history,christian louboutin uk, have one's words at hand available case, analysis of Chinese jurisprudence, legal philosophy perspective, not only tell us about western law "what", "why they even discussed.
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Nanan Tribune - Quanzhou city - Fujian first community

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Ask eighteen representative Zhang Jinghua how you represent Zhen

Ask eighteen representative Zhang Jinghua how you represent Zhenjiang members (mayor of University City Science Development Wuui_100@126.comwuui_100@yahoo.com.cn Jiang Jin Li Guoguang Li Yuhua Li Li Chen Jianghua Li En Chen Yang Li Qian by the Berne Convention for the protection of intellectual property rights people quote reprinted please specify the following information network from Zhenjiang municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Jinghua resume < > Zhang Jinghua, the incumbent Secretary of the CPC Zhenjiang municipal committee.
In 1963 June was born in Jiangsu, Jiangyan,Christian Louboutin Outlet, Han, Jiangsu Jiangyan,Louboutin Shoes, bachelor's degree, Bachelor of economics.1985 August to 1985 June, joined the Chinese Communist party.1981.09-1985.08 Nanjing University Department of economic management majors 1985.
08-1987.10 state committee of Planning Division cadre (of which: 1986.07-1987.07 central authority team Luanxian team players) 1987.10-1992.04 Jiangsu province plan classics appoint general office clerk,louboutin pas cher, deputy chief 1992.
04-1994.03 province plan classics appoint integrated department section chief 1994.03-1996.10 province plan classics appoint general office deputy director deputy director of the office of production scheduling in 1996.
10-2000.12 province (at the level of 2000.12-2001.06) provincial safety production supervision authority the interim head (at the level of 2001.06-2003.06) the provincial economic and Trade Commission Vice Director, Party members and the provincial safety production supervision authority 2003.
06-2004.01 provincial economic and Trade Commission, deputy director of member of leading Party group of 2004.01-2006.01 province government state-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission Vice Director, committee member of Party committee of province government deputy secretary-general of the 2006.
01-2008.03 2008.03-2009.07 environmental protection director of the office of secretary of leading Party group 2009.07-2010.01, vice secretary of Xuzhou municipal Party committee,Louboutin Pas Cher, acting mayor,louboutin, city hall leading Party group secretary 2010.
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Why do people lose interest in readingJiang Zhiru Law Blog

Why do people lose interest in reading?On 2012 / 5 / 207: 10: 38 was released on > http: / / club.kdnet.net / dispbbs.asp? F = w& Ctid = 70516& boardid = 6& id = 8326082& page = 1& 1 = 1 # 8326082 Forbes magazine once to nearly 100 countries worldwide national reading once investigation shows, Chinese per capita annual volume of only 1.
5,christian louboutin pas cher, the platoon is in the seventy-eighth.And ranked first in Japan, per capita annual volume high up to 12, then the United States also reached 10.Premier Wen Jiabao are deeply concerned, even issued "a nation of readers is that no nation" hope to.
However, it was the people of reading uninterested?No.!In fact,christian louboutin, people advocate reading, like reading plot, can be traced back to Confucius's an immense number of books, can send disinter chisel wall through snow tonight, many folk tales.
Whether as a result of fame while reading or interest, people pursue spirit is really touching.The ancient book, pay attention to a borrowed word.The book is valuable, since the purchase of ordinary people to read, and then give birth to "have also borrowed, then it is not difficult to use" borrowing discipline.
Thousands of years later, books, although already entered the homes of ordinary people, but to follow the model still has since purchased from reading too.Ordinary citizens to read several books, most of them only out-of-pocket, pay full.
On the quality and quantity, I'm afraid let many country life a "buy books too expensive, too difficult to read good books.".CCTV host Bai Yansong recently made a show, is about American public library construction experience.
The United States government to public library devoted strength greatly, all the library funds, 80% by direct government subsidies, the other 20% are appointed directly by the government of the financing and society to accept donations.
This kind of fund operation pattern, cut off the public library hidden interests chain, to ensure the public library public welfare, citizens of the United States with a large number of free reading opportunities.
Back home, in addition to the University of reading in this opportunity, relatively fixed, fully public library, the small amount of distribution is uneven condition was unacceptable.In 2008 related data as an example, the public welfare library number more than 2500, one of the Midwest's only more than 400, there are nearly 2000 cities and counties have not established a regional library, 800000000 people without access to public library reading facilities.
Thus, the national reading spirit is not dead, not just the government investment and the construction of public cultural facilities.Don't read the nation it is learning and creativity, and a readable book country lost, but the fate of the whole country.
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Localism, poet qualities of law enforcement new state law blogLa

The seventy years of age, ordinarily should be live an easy life in old age.However, my teacher professor Zhang Yongjian however spirit still, forever young, restless, busy favorite cultural education.
You see, he dresses simply, bronze side face hides a cheerful smile; often happy, poetic spirit does not reduce, hearty laughter through space-time,christian louboutin, infection with his students, friends, relatives chat.
.....It makes me be overcome by one's feelings reminiscent of sage Confucius saying: "seventy and have whatever one's heart desires, not more than a moment."This is the saint of epiphany.People over seventy, wisdom empowerment, overlooking the world.
Old people, work rules, make all-out efforts to life wisdom missionary descendants, from father to son, to children and grandchildren, generation generation after generation.This is the Chinese nation traditional culture constantly true blood.
My teacher is how to treat the villa? 60 times, he wrote a poem "a tree", I remember: "there is an old tree has sixty round ring trunk had many branches it seems to lose her youth; not around it are numerous! Trees grow sturdily already with luxuriant foliage for its shelter body; listen! There came the wonderful waves that are forest in ming.
....."I in the early seventy's of last century studied at the Huazhong Normal University Department of Chinese,christian louboutin pas cher, it was just over twenty, Zhang long I am eleven years old, is a good the year's harvest.Blink of an eye, I have reached 60 rings, reading teacher's poems, experience teacher peace life, persistent missionary, unintentional writing mood, just a sentence: intention to grow flowers, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu Cheng yin.
The teacher is a contemporary poet Bodao, poem and novel.He and Ceng Yan, "the book of songs" in the "wind" is the earliest vernacular poetry, poetry is the poetry of the local mountain a grass, vivid, lively, flourishing life.
It may be said of his.I think, his poems in many famous, has become China's literary history of a bright pearl, become the Chinese nation in the course of life dreams haunt, Brawn is incessant.Life is long, the poem evergreen tree.
This is the teacher's saying.As a local poet, teacher created many people love to see and hear the landscape poems, such as "Wuyuan Tour" of a "tree, lights dim, bridges is like a dream; light song graceful dance water bridge chase fashion, recalling antiquity".
Also: "tree village students around the clouds, stone water is as beautiful as the Pitt"; "shallow streams such as children's fun, deep pools like fairy charm".These poems, the poet GetWord, London, Reiki penetration in the mountains and rivers, penetration in the country farmhouse, make it into people's heart.
It can be asserted, the poet's heart is always young.The teacher works, need experience.Once I moved, the verse: "the poem fluently and is good and the sun (read from longitudinal), Buddha good Confucianism in Qing Dynasty inclusive; for evil and color your world with, ancient and modern philosophy.
"In order to realize teacher's poems from life, higher than that of traditional.The teacher was born in earth of chaste tree hunan.He put the poet's feelings into the Yangtze River, flowing into the sea, and constantly catching sea fresh.
He thinks, cross-strait unification is the first cultural unity.Therefore, in twenty years, as a scholar, he and Taiwan Marine Society and other social groups, to promote cultural exchange, harmonious feeling of trust.
I was in Beijing for their cooperation held a party.The teacher was singing: "face is round, the mouth is round, the eyes are round, heart is round, and round, great and ancient motherland, should also be round.
....."Poems, teacher's poems show the compatriots on both sides of the heart, with dinner love children.Teacher for half a century, and the down is described it is no exaggeration to say.Each teacher to Beijing to do business, mostly in the train prior to give me a phone call, he said not to disturb the students work.
Xinhuanet.com Xiamen May 18 report (reporter Yang Weihan, Zhou Yingfeng) Lai Changxing smuggling Gang ringleader Lai Changxing smuggling common cargo, bribe criminal cases, this morning in Xiamen City Intermediate People's court in accordance with the open verdict.
The court found, Lai Changxing committed the crime of smuggling common goods, sentenced to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, confiscation of all personal property; crime of bribery, sentenced to fifteen years in prison, confiscation of personal property twenty million yuan, two crimes, decided to carry out the life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, confiscation of all personal property; Lai Changxing's illegal income shall be recovered.
The Xiamen City Intermediate People's court examined to identify, 1991, Lai Changxing of the accused person in Hongkong, Xiamen and other places to set up the company, to establish a foothold, including personnel, formed the smuggling ring.
1995 December to 1999 May, the Lai Changxing crime syndicate to falsely reporting name, pseudostratified export, through such means, cigarette smuggling, automotive, oil, vegetable oil, chemical raw materials, textile raw materials and other general cargo, goods worth a total of 27395000000 yuan, tax evasion and tax to be paid RMB 13999000000 yuan.
For the implementation of smuggling and seek other illegitimate interests, Lai Changxing between 1991 and 1999, directly handle or instigating criminal gang members successively to the 64 national staff bribery send money, real estate, automobile and other property, amount to RMB 39128900 yuan.
The Xiamen City Intermediate People's court, the defendant Lai Changxing acts constitute the crime of smuggling common goods and bribery crime, crime of huge amount, if the circumstances are especially serious, should be two crimes.
Lai Changxing of crime is the ringleader of a group, should be in accordance with the group made all the crimes.Accordingly, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal code, to make the decision.
It is reported, the Xiamen City Intermediate People's court from April 6, 2012 to April 22nd on the case to open trial, prosecutors and defenders to take part in the proceedings.Part of the masses, the national staff and the NPC, CPPCC members to attend the trial scene.
Part of Lai Changxing's relatives also participated audit.According to the official responsible for the relevant departments, in 1999 August to 2001 at the end of 4, according to the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making and deployment, the relevant judicial, law enforcement agencies according to the law of Lai Changxing and other criminals in Xiamen Customs Smuggling Crime activities were severely punished, fully embodies the Party Central Committee and the State Council, to crack down on smuggling, punishing corruption firm determination, effectively combat the smuggling and other economic crime, rectify and standardize the order of Xiamen and the surrounding areas of the market economic order, promote the local economic development, maintain social stability, has been central to fully affirmed and the people support and support.
But in 1999 after the incident, Lai Changxing fled to Canada, attempt to escape legal sanction.Through hard work, Lai Changxing was successful repatriation, the judiciary and the customs in accordance with the law on the crime investigation, prosecution and public trial, the serious crime and social harm are profound, disclosure, and to be severely punished according to law, once again solemnly to show to the world, the Chinese government to combat crime, punish corruption is the determination of not to move or retreat, no matter how criminals arrogance arrogance, means how cunning, as long as the Chinese within the territory of China crime, were able to escape legal sanction; Chinese legal dignity and justice sovereign inviolability, justice will be done.
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